SCALEA: A performance analysis tool for distributed and parallel programs. In this paper we present SCALEA, which is a performance instrumentation, measurement, analysis, and visualization tool for parallel and distributed programs that supports post-mortem and online performance analysis. SCALEA currently focuses on performance analysis for OpenMP, MPI, HPF, and mixed parallel/distributed programs. It computes a variety of performance metrics based on a novel overhead classification. SCALEA also supports multiple experiment performance analysis that allows to compare and to evaluate the performance outcome of several experiments. A highly flexible instrumentation and measurement system is provided which can be controlled by command-line options and program directives. SCALEA can be interfaced by external tools through the provision of a full Fortran90 OpenMP/MPI/HPF frontend that allows to instrument an abstract syntax tree at a very high-level with C-function calls and to generate source code. A graphical user interface is provided to view a large variety of performance metrics at the level of arbitrary code regions, threads, processes, and computational nodes for single- and multi-experiments.

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