Survival Kit

The Survival Kit, a FORTRAN package for the analysis of survival data. The Survival Kit is primarily intended to fill a gap in the software available to animal breeders who generally tend to use extremely large data sets and want to estimate random effects. Methods of survival analysis have primarily been developed in the area of clinical biometrics where data sets and number of levels of effects are usually smaller. Although developed by animal breeders for animal breeders, the programs of the Survival Kit could be interesting for people from other areas encountering similar problems of large models and random effects. To make the Survival Kit user-friendly, commands used in the parameter files mimic the SAS command language. The models supported by the Survival Kit belong to the group of univariate proportional hazards models with a single response time. Fixed and random covariates (discrete and continuous) as well as strata may be included in the analysis. Both types of covariates may be time-dependent. Features include likelihood ratio tests for the full model and any submodel, prediction of (e.g.) median survival times for any given combination of covariates and various bells and whistles for complex models and large data sets.