DifferentialEquations.jl - A Performant and Feature-Rich Ecosystem for Solving Differential Equations in Julia. DifferentialEquations.jl is a package for solving differential equations in Julia. It covers discrete equations (function maps, discrete stochastic (Gillespie/Markov) simulations), ordinary differential equations, stochastic differential equations, algebraic differential equations, delay differential equations, hybrid differential equations, jump diffusions, and (stochastic) partial differential equations. Through extensive use of multiple dispatch, metaprogramming, plot recipes, foreign function interfaces (FFI), and call-overloading, DifferentialEquations.jl offers a unified user interface to solve and analyze various forms of differential equations while not sacrificing features or performance. Many modern features are integrated into the solvers, such as allowing arbitrary user-defined number systems for high-precision and arithmetic with physical units, built-in multithreading and parallelism, and symbolic calculation of Jacobians. Integrated into the package is an algorithm testing and benchmarking suite to both ensure accuracy and serve as an easy way for researchers to develop and distribute their own methods. Together, these features build a highly extendable suite which is feature-rich and highly performant.

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