LightSpMV: Faster CSR-based sparse matrix-vector multiplication on CUDA-enabled GPUs. Compressed sparse row (CSR) is a frequently used format for sparse matrix storage. However, the state-of-the-art CSR-based sparse matrix-vector multiplication (SpMV) implementations on CUDA-enabled GPUs do not exhibit very high efficiency. This has motivated the development of some alternative storage formats for GPU computing. Unfortunately, these alternatives are incompatible with most CPU-centric programs and require dynamic conversion from CSR at runtime, thus incurring significant computational and storage overheads. We present LightSpMV, a novel CUDA-compatible SpMV algorithm using the standard CSR format, which achieves high speed by benefiting from the fine-grained dynamic distribution of matrix rows over warps/vectors. In LightSpMV, two dynamic row distribution approaches have been investigated at the vector and warp levels with atomic operations and warp shuffle functions as the fundamental building blocks. We have evaluated LightSpMV using various sparse matrices and further compared it to the CSR-based SpMV subprograms in the state-of-the-art CUSP and cuSPARSE libraries. Performance evaluation reveals that on the same Tesla K40c GPU, LightSpMV is superior to both CUSP and cuSPARSE, with a speedup of up to 2.60 and 2.63 over CUSP, and up to 1.93 and 1.79 over cuSPARSE for single and double precision, respectively. LightSpMV is available at