MCINTYRE: a Monte Carlo system for probabilistic logic programming. Probabilistic Logic Programming is receiving an increasing attention for its ability to model domains with complex and uncertain relations among entities. In this paper we concentrate on the problem of approximate inference in probabilistic logic programming languages based on the distribution semantics. A successful approximate approach is based on Monte Carlo sampling, that consists in verifying the truth of the query in a normal program sampled from the probabilistic program. The ProbLog system includes such an algorithm and so does the cplint suite. In this paper we propose an approach for Monte Carlo inference that is based on a program transformation that translates a probabilistic program into a normal program to which the query can be posed. The current sample is stored in the internal database of the Yap Prolog engine. The resulting system, called MCINTYRE for Monte Carlo INference wiTh Yap REcord, is evaluated on various problems: biological networks, artificial datasets and a hidden Markov model. MCINTYRE is compared with the Monte Carlo algorithms of ProbLog and cplint and with the exact inference of the PITA system. The results show that MCINTYRE is faster than the other Monte Carlo systems.