PHOTOS interface in C++: Technical and physics documentation. For five years now, PHOTOS Monte Carlo for bremsstrahlung in the decay of particles and resonances has been available with an interface to the C++ HepMC event record. The main purpose of the present paper is to document the technical aspects of the PHOTOS Monte Carlo installation and present version use. A multitude of test results and examples are distributed together with the program code. The PHOTOS C++ physics precision is better than its FORTRAN predecessor and more convenient steering options are also available. An algorithm for the event record interface necessary for process dependent photon emission kernel is implemented. It is used in Z and W decays for kernels of complete first order matrix elements of the decays. Additional emission of final state lepton pairs is also available. Physics assumptions used in the program and properties of the solution are reviewed. In particular, it is explained how the second order matrix elements were used in design and validation of the program iteration procedure. Also, it is explained that the phase space parameterization used in the program is exact.

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