DOTcvp: Dynamic optimization toolbox with control vector parameterization approach. This report deals with the description of dynamic optimization toolbox (DOTcvp) which is able to solve con-strained optimal control problems (OCP) with the control vector parameterization (CVP) approach. The original continuous problem is transformed into the finite dimensional OCP. Then it is possible to solve the resulting non-linear programming (NLP) problem with the help of any gradient method with the combination of initial value problem (IVP) solver. For all of this is used SUNDIALS tool which was modified for automatic generation of the necessary gradients in two ways. One of them is a finite difference and the second one, a more accurate method, is the sensitivity equations approach. Several NLP solvers, deterministic and stochastic were implemented in order to ensure higher accuracy not only for small problems. All of this is covered by the MATLAB environment, which offers to us a comfortable control and a pretty graphical output. The toolbox contains an environment for a FORTRAN compiler too, for enabling this option it is needed to have installed a FORTRAN compiler in a MATLAB environment.