PAROC — An integrated framework and software platform for the optimisation and advanced model-based control of process systems. In this paper we present the main foundations and features of an integrated framework and software platform that enables the use of model-based tools in design, operational optimisation and advanced control studies. A step-wise procedure is outlined involving (i) the development of a high-fidelity dynamic model, and its validation and model analysis, (ii) a model approximation step, including system identification, model reduction and global sensitivity analysis, (iii) a receding horizon modelling step for model-predictive control (MPC) and reactive scheduling, (iv) a suite of multi-parametric programming techniques for optimisation under uncertainty, explicit/multi-parametric MPC and state-estimation and (v) an ‘in-silico’ validation step for the derived optimisation, control and/or scheduling strategies to be analysed within the original high-fidelity model. The proposed software platform, PAROC, is also introduced and demonstrated in three different classes of process systems engineering applications; a combined heat and power energy system, a distillation column and a periodic purification process for biopharmaceuticals.