ELmD: a pipelineable authenticated encryption and its hardware implementation. Authenticated encryption schemes which resist misuse of nonce at some desired level of privacy are two-pass or Mac-then-Encrypt constructions (inherently inefficient but provide full privacy) and online constructions like McOE, sponge-type authenticated encryptions (such as duplex) and COPA. Only the last one is almost parallelizable except that for associated data processing, the final block-cipher call is sequential (it needs to wait for the encryption of all the previous ones). In this paper, we design a new online secure authenticated encryption, called ELmD or Encrypt-Linear mix-Decrypt, which is completely (two-stage) parallel (even in associated data) and fully pipeline implementable. It also provides full privacy when associated data is not repeated. Like COPA, our construction is based on EME, an Encrypt-Mix-Encrypt type SPRP construction (secure against chosen plaintext and ciphertext). But unlike EME, we have used an online computable efficient linear mixing instead of a non-linear mixing. We have also provided the hardware implementation of the construction and compare the performance with similar constructions like COPA and EME2

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