Input Pre-Processor for PanAir. The input file for PanAir is error-prone and unforgiving. This program accepts a free-form file and creates a properly formatted input file for PanAir. The program referred to as A502 is a pilot version of the production computer code known as PANAIR. Both PANAIR and A502 were developed by the Boeing Company under contract to the NASA Ames Research Center. The contract was funded by several agencies of the Department of Defense along with NASA Ames and Langley Research Centers. These programs solve for the fluid flow about an arbitrary configuration at subsonic or supersonic speeds, using linearized potential flow theory. The A502 code was never intended for wide distribution and only modest efforts were made to document the input file format and explain the usage of the program. Recent developments have led to the more widespread use of A502 and the program must become available to a greater number of users. The purpose of this paper and the computer program it describes is to make the A502 version of PanAir accessible to a users in a simple fashion.

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