Cryptanalysis of the stream cipher LEX. Biryukov (The Design of a Stream Cipher LEX, Proceedings of Selected Areas in Cryptography, 2006 Springer, pp 67–75, 2007) presented a new methodology of stream cipher design called leak extraction. The stream cipher LEX, based on this methodology and on the AES block cipher, was selected to round 3 of the eSTREAM competition. The suggested methodology seemed promising, and LEX, due to its elegance, simplicity, and performance, was expected to be selected to the eSTREAM portfolio. In this article we present a key recovery attack on LEX. The attack requires about 240 bytes of key-stream produced by the same key (possibly under many different IVs), and retrieves the secret key in time of about 2100 AES encryptions. Following a preliminary version of our attack, LEX was discarded from the final portfolio of eSTREAM.

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