In many ways, MASTAN2 is similar to today’s commercially available structural analysis software. The number of pre- and post-processing options, however, have been limited in order to minimize the amount of time needed for a user to become proficient at its use. The program’s linear and nonlinear analysis routines are based on the theoretical and numerical formulations presented in the text Matrix Structural Analysis, 2nd Edition, by McGuire, Gallagher, and Ziemian (available for free download under the Textbook tab). In this regard, the reader is strongly encouraged to use this software as a tool for demonstration, reviewing examples, solving problems, and perhaps performing analysis and design studies (see the Stability Fun tab). Where MASTAN2 has been written in modular format, the reader is also provided the opportunity to develop and implement additional or alternative analysis routines directly within the program. MASTAN2 is based on MATLAB, a premier software package for numeric computing and data analysis.

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