scuff-em is a free, open-source software package for analysis of electromagnetic scattering problems using the boundary-element method (BEM). (The BEM is also known as the ”method of moments.”) The scuff-em suite consists of two components: a core library that implements the essential algorithms of the boundary-element method, and a set of application programs built atop the core library for solving specific problems in various fields of physics and engineering. The core library, libscuff, is written in C++ but may also be accessed from python. Extensive documentation of the programming interfaces is available from the links below. The application programs, implemented as console-based command-line utilities, include tools for (1) general electromagnetic scattering of arbitrary incident fields from compact or periodically extended scatterers; (2) computation of Casimir forces and Casimir-Polder potentials in complex geometric and material configurations; and (3) modeling of RF and microwave devices, including computation of multiport network parameters and radiated fields for antennas, lumped elements, and other RF devices. scuff-em stands for Surface CUrrent/Field Formulation of ElectroMagnetism. This is a reference to the underlying solution methodology used by scuff-em and other BEM solvers, in which we solve first for surface currents (including both electric (K) and magnetic (N) currents, as cartooned in the scuff-em logo), then use these currents to compute the scattered fields.

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