kappa_SQ: A Matlab package for randomized sampling of matrices with orthonormal columns. The kappa_SQ software package is designed to assist researchers working on randomized row sampling. The package contains a collection of Matlab functions along with a GUI that ties them all together and provides a platform for the user to perform experiments. In particular, kappa_SQ is designed to do experiments related to the two-norm condition number of a sampled matrix, κ(SQ), where S is a row sampling matrix and Q is a tall and skinny matrix with orthonormal columns. Via a simple GUI, kappa_SQ can generate test matrices, perform various types of row sampling, measure κ(SQ), calculate bounds and produce high quality plots of the results. All of the important codes are written in separate Matlab function files in a standard format which makes it easy for a user to either use the codes by themselves or incorporate their own codes into the kappa_SQ package.

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