UBIRIS: A noisy iris image database. Within the biometrics context, the iris is commonly accepted as one of the most accurate biometric traits and has been successfully applied in such distinct domains as airport check-in or refugee control. However, for the sake of accuracy, present iris recognition systems require that subjects stand close (less than two meters) to the imaging camera and look for a period of about three seconds until the data is captured. This cooperative behavior is required to capture images with enough quality for the recognition task. However, it simultaneously restricts the range of domains where iris recognition can be applied, especially those where the subjects cooperation is not expectable (e.g., criminal/terrorist seek, missing children). The main focus of the UBIRIS database is to minimize the requirement of user cooperation, i.e., the analysis and proposal of methods for the automatic recognition of individuals, using images of their iris captured at-a-distance and minimizing the required degree of cooperation from the users, probably even in the covert mode.

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