ZKCM: a C++ library for multiprecision matrix computation with applications in quantum information. Nature of problem: Multiprecision computation is helpful to guarantee and/or evaluate the accuracy of simulation results in numerical physics. There is a potential demand for a programming library focusing on matrix computation usable for this purpose with a user-friendly syntax. Solution method: A C++ library ZKCM has been developed for multiprecision matrix computation. It provides matrix operations useful for numerical studies of physics, e.g., the tensor product (Kronecker product), the tracing-out operation, the inner product, the LU decomposition, the Hermitian-matrix diagonalization, the singular-value decomposition, and the discrete Fourier transform. For basic floating-point operations, GMP and MPFR libraries are used. An extension library ZKCM QC has also been developed, which employs the time-dependent matrix- product-state method to simulate quantum computing.

Keywords for this software

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