FEWZ 2.0: a code for hadronic Z production at next-to-next-to-leading order. We introduce an improved version of the simulation code FEWZ (Fully Exclusive W and Z Production) for hadron collider production of lepton pairs through the Drell-Yan process at next-to-next-to-leading-order (NNLO) in the strong coupling constant. The program is fully differential in the phase space of leptons and additional hadronic radiation. The new version offers users significantly more options for customization. FEWZ now bins multiple, user-selectable histograms during a single run, and produces parton distribution function (PDF) errors automatically. It also features a signifcantly improved integration routine, and can take advantage of multiple processor cores locally or on the Condor distributed computing system. We illustrate the new features of FEWZ by presenting numerous phenomenological results for LHC physics. We compare NNLO QCD with initial ATLAS and CMS results, and discuss in detail the effects of detector acceptance on the measurement of angular quantities associated with Z-boson production. We address the issue of technical precision in the presence of severe phase-space cuts.