Equity3 is a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) tool for the PC that assists individual decision makers and organisations in obtaining better value-for-money when allocating limited resources and budgets. It is highly adaptive and can be used to address a variety of problem areas including R&D Investment, Marketing Portfolio Management, Project Prioritisation, Resource Allocation, Capital and Revenue Budgeting, Sales Territory Re-organisation and Negotiations. Equity3 is ideal for use with groups, as in Decision Conferences. Essentially, Equity3 is a decision modelling tool which helps you construct your most efficient portfolio of expenditure or investment. Investments can be money, people, time, materials or any other scarce resource. The benefits of undertaking a project can address the viewpoints of all stakeholders, including financial benefits, environmental benefits, and performance requirements. All this can be reported in an open, transparent and auditable manner, to show the entire decision process from beginning to end