OCamCalib: Omnidirectional Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab. The OcamCalib Toolbox for Matlab allows the user (also inexpert users) to calibrate any central omnidirectional camera, that is, any panoramic camera having a single effective viewpoint (see section 17). The Toolbox implements the procedure initially described in the paper [1] and later extended in [2] and [3]. A detailed introduction to this model is in section 19 of this Tutorial. Furthermore, you can also see a demo of how the toolbox works here. The Toolbox permits the user to easily and quickly calibrate the omnidirectional camera through two steps. First, it requires the user collect a few pictures of a checkerboard shown at different positions and orientations. Then, the user is asked to extract the corner points. With the new version of the toolbox this operation is done completely automatically. Therefore, no manual extraction is needed. After these two steps, the calibration is completely automatically performed. ...

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