Program Fullerene: A software package for constructing and analyzing structures of regular fullerenes. Fullerene (Version 4.4) is a general purpose open-source program that can generate any fullerene isomer, perform topological and graph theoretical analysis, as well as calculate a number of physical and chemical properties. The program creates symmetric planar drawings of the fullerene graph and generates accurate molecular 3D geometries by way of force-field optimization, serving as a good starting point for further quantum theoretical treatments. It includes a number of fullerene-to-fullerene transformations, such as Goldberg–Coxeter transforms, Stone–Wales transforms, Endo–Kroto, Yoshida–Fowler, and Brinkmann–Fowler vertex insertions. The program is written in standard Fortran and C++ and can easily be installed in a Linux or UNIX environment.