RORS: Enhanced Rule-based OWL Reasoning on Spark. The rule-based OWL reasoning is to compute the deductive closure of an ontology by applying RDF/RDFS and OWL entailment rules. The performance of the rule-based OWL reasoning is often sensitive to the rule execution order. In this paper, we present an approach to enhancing the performance of the rule-based OWL reasoning on Spark based on a locally optimal executable strategy. Firstly, we divide all rules (27 in total) into four main classes, namely, SPO rules (5 rules), type rules (7 rules), sameAs rules (7 rules), and schema rules (8 rules) since, as we investigated, those triples corresponding to the ?rst three classes of rules are overwhelming (e.g., over 99% in the LUBM dataset) in our practical world. Secondly, based on the interdependence among those entailment rules in each class, we pick out an optimal rule executable order of each class and then combine them into a new rule execution order of all rules. Finally, we implement the new rule execution order on Spark in a prototype called RORS. The experimental results show that the running time of RORS is improved by about 30% as compared to Kim & Park’s algorithm (2015) using the LUBM200 (27.6 million triples)

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