Estimating closed population size from capture-recapture data. This page provides R functions to fit some models of capture heterogeneity to estimate N, the size of a closed population, from capture-recapture data. This is joint work with Byron Morgan. In the most general model that we consider, captures are modelled as a mixture of binomial and beta-binomial counts. This generalises the beta-binomial model considered, for example, by Dorazio and Royle [Ref 1] and the (two-component form of) finite mixture model considered, for example, by Pledger [Ref 2]. Our new model is described in Refs [3] and [4] below, which also provide other references to the existing literature. There are important issues of identifiability in models of capture heterogeneity, see for example [Ref 5]. Our model does not resolve these problems, but it does offer a broad and flexible class of models within which to investigate and compare estimates of N.

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