The Test Matrix Toolbox for MATLAB. We describe version 3.0 of the Test Matrix Toolbox for Matlab 4.2. The toolbox contains a collection of test matrices, routines for visualizing matrices, routines for direct search optimization, and miscellaneous routines that provide useful additions to Matlab’s existing set of functions. There are 58 parametrized test matrices, which are mostly square, dense, nonrandom, and of arbitrary dimension. The test matrices include ones with known inverses or known eigenvalues; ill-conditioned or rank deficient matrices; and symmetric, positive definite, orthogonal, defective, involutary, and totally positive matrices. The visualization routines display surface plots of a matrix and its (pseudo-) inverse, the field of values, Gershgorin disks, and two- and three-dimensional views of pseudospectra. The direct search optimization routines implement the alternating directions method, the multidirectional search method and the Nelder--Mead simplex method.

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