Essex Face

Description of the Collection of Facial Images. You may freely download this data for your own exclusive research purposes. You should publish computer recognition results achieved on this data, with due acknowledgement. You may not publish/print/sell/distribute the images themselves. I have provided my database in order to encourage comparative research. Biometric processing comparisons and summary results are the main purpose. I am not trying to be difficult by placing conditions on other uses. However, I do not hold signed release forms from all the individuals in this database. Therefore, strictly speaking, the rights to the display of these images rest with the individuals depicted in them. I hope this clarifies the legal position. The data is held in four directories ( faces94 , faces95 , faces96 , grimace ), in order of increasing difficulty. Faces96 and grimace are the most difficult, though for two different reasons (variation of background and scale, versus extreme variation of expressions).