MeshKit is an open-source library of mesh generation functionality. Its design philosophy is two-fold: it provides a collection of meshing algorithms for use in real meshing problems, along with other tools commonly needed to support mesh generation (coordination of BREP-based meshing process, mesh smoothing, etc.); and it serves as a platform in which to perform mesh generation algorithm research. MeshKit has general mesh manipulation and generation functions such as Copy, Move, Rotate and Extrude mesh. In addition, new quad mesh and embedded boundary Cartesian mesh algorithm (EBMesh) are developed to be used. Interfaces to several public-domain tetrahedral meshing algorithms (Gmsh, netgen) are also offered. This library interacts with mesh data mostly through iMesh including accessing the mesh in parallel. It also can interact with iGeom interface to provide geometry functionality such as importing solid model based geometries. iGeom and iMesh are implemented in the CGM and MOAB packages, respectively. For some non-existing functions in iMesh such as tree-construction and ray-tracing, MeshKit also interacts with MOAB functions directly.

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