Plant PowerOps

IBM ILOG Plant PowerOps: PPO is a powerful tool for creating production plans and detailed schedules for manufacturing environments. PPO has fully integrated planning and scheduling. You define the problem once in the PPO model, and PPO plans the volumes, production orders, and schedules using the planning, batching, and scheduling modules. You’ll find PPO vital for creating both long term production plans and detailed, optimized manufacturing schedules. PPO is based on the standard production model used in batch processing industries: the Recipe Model. The recipe model strictly integrates material data and process data (contrasted to discrete manufacturing industries which use the data model standard which decouples materials data from process data). PPO is a third generation APS product, based on the most advanced optimization engines available on the market. Prior to suggesting a plan or a schedule to the user, PPO explores thousands or millions of possibilities in a very short period of time.