MUSCOD-II. A Software Package for Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems involving Differential-Algebraic Equations (DAE). The optimization package MUSCOD-II is designed to efficiently and reliably solve optimal control problems for systems described by ordinary differential equations (ODE) or by differential-algebraic equations (DAE) of index one. MUSCOD-II can treat system models formulated either in the gPROMS modeling language (PSE Ltd.), in FORTRAN, or in C, and it has been widely applied to industrial problems, in particular in the field of chemical engineering. The software has the capability to solve highly nonlinear problems with complex equality or inequality constraints on states and controls, as e.g., final state constraints, periodicity conditions, or path constraints. Furthermore, a unique multistage formulation allows to optimize integrated batch processes consisting of several coupled process stages, e.g., a batch reaction step followed by a batch separation step.

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