NEMO Tangent & Adjoint Models (NemoTam): Reference Manual & User’s Guide. The development of the tangent linear and adjoint models (TAM in the following) of the dynamical core of the NEMO ocean engine (NEMOTAM) is a key objective of the VODA project. TAM are widely used for variational assimilation applications, but they are also powerful tools for the anal- ysis of physical processes, since they can be used for sensitivity analysis, parameter identification and for the computation of characteristic vectors (singular vectors, Liapunov vectors, etc.). In the framework of VODA, a work package has been set-up in order to develop a comprehen- sive NEMOTAM package, and to define an effective long-term development strategy for ensuring synchronisation of NEMOTAM with future NEMO releases. This is a heavy task, but it is worth the effort since NEMOTAM will benefit all NEMO users for the wide range of applications described above. Ideally, this strategy should be defined to allow NEMOTAM to adapt to future NEMO devel- opments as quickly and as efficiently as possible, so that new releases of NEMOTAM can be made soon after new releases of NEMO. This will require careful coordination between the main de- velopment teams of NEMO, NEMOTAM and possibly NEMOVAR (INRIA, NEMO Team, CER- FACS, ECMWF).

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