CalREL - is a general purpose structural reliability analysis program. It is designed to work on its own or to operate as a shell program in conjunction with other structural analysis programs. Structural failure criteria are defined in terms of one or more limit-state functions. The specification is by the user in user-defined subroutines. CalREL is capable of computing the reliability of structural components as well as systems. Specific macro commands are available for the following types of analyses: (1) First-order component and system reliability analysis; (2) Second-order component reliability analysis by both curvature-fitting and point-fitting methods; (3) First-order reliability bounds for series systems; (4) First-order reliability sensitivity analysis with respect to distribution and limit-state function parameters; (5) Directional simulation for components and general systems, employing first or second-order fittings of the limit-state surfaces; and (6) Importance sampling and Monte Carlo simulation for components and general systems. CalREL has a large library of probability distributions for independent as well as dependent variables. Additional distributions may be included through a user-defined subroutine. CalREL is available for purchase from UC Berkeley in both object and source code. For more information about this program please write to