A code for analysis of the fine structure in near-rigid weakly-bonded open-shell complexes that consist of a diatomic radical in a 3 Σ state and a closed-shell molecule. Nature of problem: TSIG_COMP calculates frequencies, relative intensities, and expectation values of the various quantum numbers and parities of bound states involved in allowed ro-vibrational transitions in semi-rigid planar weakly-bonded open-shell complexes. The complexes of interest contain a free radical in a 3Σ state and a closed-shell partner, where the electron-spin electron-spin interaction, electron-spin rotation interaction, and centrifugal forces significantly modify the spectral patterns. To date, ab initio methods are incapable of taking these effects into account to provide accurate predictions for the ro-vibrational energy levels of the complexes of interest. In the TSIG_COMP program, the problem is solved by using the proper effective Hamiltonian and molecular basis set.