list: Statistical Methods for the Item Count Technique and List Experiment. list is a publicly available R package that allows researchers to conduct multivariate statistical analyses of survey data with list experiments. In addition, the package implements the statistical test that is designed to detect certain failures of list experiments. This survey methodology is also known as the item count technique or the unmatched count technique and is an alternative to the commonly used randomized response method. The package implements the methods developed by Imai (2011), Blair and Imai (2012), Blair, Imai, and Lyall (2013), and Imai, Park, and Greene (2014). This includes a Bayesian MCMC implementation of regression for the standard and multiple sensitive item list experiment designs and a random effects setup, a Bayesian MCMC hierarchical regression model with up to three hierarchical groups, the combined list experiment and endorsement experiment regression model, and a joint model of the list experiment that enables the analysis of the list experiment as a predictor in outcome regression models.