PANN: Partial-wave analysis of nucleon-nucleon scattering in wide-energy region. Nature of problem: Partial-wave analysis (PWA) is a model independent method to determine the scattering amplitudes by means of fitting the experimental data on many kinds of observables. PANN carries out the energy-independent PWA of nucleon-nucleon scattering [1]. The obtained phase-shifts can be used to construct the potential model at low energies and to determine the coupling constants of the interactions in various models for nucleon-nucleon system at intermediate energies [2]. Unlike the usual PWA program, PANN is extended to make it available to analyze the nucleon-nucleon scattering data up to a few ten GeV using Veneziano-type amplitudes [3]. The nucleon-nucleon interaction at very short range can be studied by PANN, which are expected to detect some new dynamics.

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