Analog Insydes

Fast and robust symbolic model order reduction with analog insydes. Nowadays analog circuits become more and more complex. The growing number of devices hinder to understand the full behavior of these and new methods are required to support the design. This paper presents two new methods for handling complex nonlinear analog circuits which are available in the new release Analog Insydes 2011, the Mathematica toolbox for symbolic modeling, analysis and reduction of analog circuits. The transient symbolic model order reduction allows the approximation of behavioral models keeping static and dynamic properties. The new solving algorithm for symbolic equation systems based on sequential equations accelerates the simulation of the reference system as well as the verification of the reduced models. Furthermore, it increases the robustness of the solver permitting analyzes of significantly larger symbolic systems. As example, a voltage controller circuit is reduced using the introduced methods.

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  1. Hauser, Matthias; Salzig, Christian; Dreyer, Alexander: Fast and robust symbolic model order reduction with Analog Insydes (2011)