CG-cell: An NPB benchmark implementation on cell broadband engine. The NAS Conjugate Gradient (CG) benchmark is an important scientific kernel used to evaluate machine performance and compare characteristics of different programming models. CG represents a computation and communication paradigm for sparse linear algebra, which is common in scientific fields. In this paper, we present the porting, performance optimization and evaluation of CG on Cell Broadband Engine (CBE). CBE, a heterogeneous multi-core processor with SIMD accelerators, is gaining attention and being deployed on supercomputers and high-end server architectures. We take advantages of CBE’s particular architecture to optimize the performance of CG. We also quantify these optimizations and assess their impact. In addition, by exploring distributed nature of CBE, we present trade-off between parallelization and serialization, and Cell-specific data scheduling in its memory hierarchy. Our final result shows that the CG-Cell can achieve more than 4 times speedup over the performance of single comparable PowerPC Processor.

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  1. Li, Dong; Huang, Song; Cameron, Kirk: CG-cell: An NPB benchmark implementation on cell broadband engine (2008)