An ANSI C code for sparse LU factorization is presented that combines a column pre-ordering strategy with a right-looking unsymmetric-pattern multifrontal numerical factorization. The pre-ordering and symbolic analysis phase computes an upper bound on fill-in, work, and memory usage during the subsequent numerical factorization. User-callable routines are provided for ordering and analyzing a sparse matrix, computing the numerical factorization, solving a system with the LU factors, transposing and permuting a sparse matrix, and converting between sparse matrix representations.\parThe simple user interface shields the user from the details of the complex sparse factorization data structures by returning simple handles to opaque objects. Additional user-callable routines are provided for printing and extracting the contents of these opaque objects. An even simpler way to use the package is through its MATLAB interface. UMFPACK is incorporated as a built-in operator in MATLAB 6.5 as $x= A^{-1} {\bold b}$ when $A$ is sparse and unsymmetric. (Source:

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