SuSy 2

SuSy 2. This package deals with supersymmetric functions and with the algebra of supersymmetric operators in extended N = 2 as well as in nonextended $N = 1$ supersymmetry. It allows us to make a realization of the SuSy algebra of differential operators, compute the gradients of given SuSy Hamiltonians and to obtain the SuSy version of soliton equations using the SuSy Lax approach. There are also many additional procedures included that are also encountered in the SuSy soliton approach, as for example the conjugation of a given SuSy operator, the computation of a general form of SuSy Hamiltonians (up to SuSy divergence equivalence), and the checking of the validity of the Jacobi identity for some SuSy Hamiltonian operators.

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