A FORTRAN COMPUTER CODE PACKAGE FOR THE EVALUATION OF GAS-PHASE, MULTICOMPONENT TRANSPORT PROPERTIES. This report documents a FORTRAN computer code package that is used for the evaluation of gas-phase multicomponent viscosities, thermal conductivities, diffusion coefficients, and thermal diffusion coefficients. The TRANSPORT Property package is in two parts. The first is a preprocessor that computes polynomial fits to the temperature dependent parts of the pure species viscosities and binary diffusion coefficients. The coefficients of these fits are passed to a library of subroutines via a linking file. Then, any subroutine from this library may be called to return either pure species properties or multicomponent gas mixture properties. This package uses the gas-phase chemical kinetics package CHEMKIN-III, and the TRANSPORT property subroutines are designed to be used in conjunction with the CHEMKIN-III subroutine library.

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