MATLAB-bvp4c -Solve boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations. sol = bvp4c(odefun,bcfun,solinit) integrates a system of ordinary differential equations of the form y′ = f(x,y) on the interval [a,b] subject to two-point boundary value conditions bc(y(a),y(b)) = 0. odefun and bcfun are function handles. See the function_handle reference page for more information. Parameterizing Functions explains how to provide additional parameters to the function odefun, as well as the boundary condition function bcfun, if necessary. bvp4c can also solve multipoint boundary value problems. See Multipoint Boundary Value Problems. You can use the function bvpinit to specify the boundary points, which are stored in the input argument solinit. See the reference page for bvpinit for more information. The bvp4c solver can also find unknown parameters p for problems of the form y′ = f(x,y, p) 0 = bc(y(a),y(b),p) where p corresponds to parameters. You provide bvp4c an initial guess for any unknown parameters in solinit.parameters. The bvp4c solver returns the final values of these unknown parameters in sol.parameters. bvp4c produces a solution that is continuous on [a,b] and has a continuous first derivative there. Use the function deval and the output sol of bvp4c to evaluate the solution at specific points xint in the interval [a,b].

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