YALMIP Yet another LMI parser. YALMIP is a free MATLAB toolbox for rapid prototyping of optimization problems. The package initially aimed at the control community and focused on semidefinite programming, but the latest release extends this scope significantly. YALMIP 3 can be used for linear programming, quadratic programming, second order cone programming, semidefinite programming, non-convex semidefinite programming, mixed integer programming, multi-parametric programming, geometric programming The main features of YALMIP are: Easy to install since it is entirely based on MATLAB code. Easy to learn : 3 new commands is all the user needs to get started. Easy to use : you define your constraints and objective functions using intuitive and standard MATLAB code. Automatic categorization of problems, and automatic solver selection Supports numerous external solvers, both free and commercial. The solvers supported by YALMIP are currently CDD, CSDP, CPLEX, DSDP, GLPK, KYPD, LINPROG, LMILAB, MAXDET, MOSEK, MPT, NAG, OOQP, PENBMI, PENSDP, QUADPROG, SDPA SDPT3 and SEDUMI.

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