The Matrix Market provides convenient access to a repository of test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra. Matrices as well as matrix generation software and services, from linear systems, least squares, and eigenvalue computations in a wide variety of scientific and engineering disciplines are provided. Tools for browsing through the collection or for searching for matrices with special properties are included. Each matrix (and matrix set) has its own ”home page” which provides details of matrix properties, visualization of matrix structure, and permits downloading of the matrix in one of several text file formats. Similarly, each matrix generator has a home page describing its properties. Generators are either static software which you can download and include in your applications, Java applets which will generate matrices in your Web browser, or form-based requests to generate matrices at the Matrix Market and return them to your browser. Currently, 482 individual matrices and 25 matrix generators are available. Our database now includes the entire Harwell-Boeing Sparse Matrix Collection (Release I), Yousef Saad’s SPARSKIT collection, and the Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problem (NEP) collection of Bai, Day, Demmel and Dongarra. The Matrix Market is a component of the NIST project on Tools for Evaluation of Mathematical and Statistical Software which has focus areas in linear algebra, special functions and statistics.

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