RIVET is a tool for topological data analysis, and more specifically, for the visualization and analysis of two-parameter persistent homology. RIVET was initially designed with interactive visualization foremost in mind, and this continues to be a central focus. But RIVET also provides functionality for two-parameter persistence computation that should be useful for other purposes. Many of the mathematical and algorithmic ideas behind RIVET are explained in detail in the papers Interactive Visualization of 2-D Persistence Modules and Computing Minimal Presentations and Betti Numbers of 2-Parameter Persistent Homology. Additional papers describing other aspects of RIVET are in preparation. RIVET is written in C++, and depends on the Qt, Boost, and MessagePack libraries. In addition, RIVET now incorporates some modified code from PHAT. A python API for RIVET called pyrivet is available in a separate repository. pyrivet has separate documentation, and is not discussed elsewhere in this document.