iRNA-PseKNC(2methyl): identify RNA 2’-O-methylation sites by convolution neural network and Chou’s pseudo components. The 2’-O-methylation transferase is involved in the process of 2’-O-methylation. In catalytic processes, the 2-hydroxy group of the ribose moiety of a nucleotide accept a methyl group. This methylation process is a post-transcriptional modification, which occurs in various cellular RNAs and plays a vital role in regulation of gene expressions at the post-transcriptional level. Through biochemical experiments 2’-O-methylation sites produce good results but these biochemical process and exploratory techniques are very expensive. Thus, it is required to develop a computational method to identify 2’-O-methylation sites. In this work, we proposed a simple and precise convolution neural network method namely: iRNA-PseKNC(2methyl) to identify 2’-O-methylation sites. The existing techniques use handcrafted features, while the proposed method automatically extracts the features of 2’-O-methylation using the proposed convolution neural network model. The proposed prediction iRNA-PseKNC(2methyl) method obtained 98.27% of accuracy, 96.29% of sensitivity, 100% of specificity, and 0.965 of MCC on {it Home sapiens dataset.} The reported outcomes present that our proposed method obtained better outcomes than existing method in terms of all evaluation parameters. These outcomes show that iRNA-PseKNC(2methyl) method might be beneficial for the academic research and drug design.

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