AMRST: Adaptive multicast routing protocol for satellite-terrestrial networks. Multicasting facilitates the distributing of multimedia information to an entire set of destinations simultaneously. However, the subsequent mass of Internet traffic usually increases the network congestion and degrades network utilization. The unexpected congestion together with limited network capacity might challenge the provision of multimedia services especially since multicast subscribers are widely scattered. The desired QoS of the ongoing services cannot be guaranteed. To address this challenge, in addition to installing new terrestrial broadband networks, another feasible solution would be to integrate now available broadcasting-oriented broadband satellite networks into the Internet backbone. This paper presents a novel adaptive multicast routing (AMRST) protocol to deliver reliable and adaptive multicast services to global subscribers, based on an integrated infrastructure, called a Satellite-Terrestrial network (ST network), which provides dynamic bandwidth allocation, flexible resource management and ubiquitous transmission. In the AMRST, a proposed virtual hierarchical routing tree was applied in constructing an efficient multicast tree. A routing decision model was proposed to determine routing path for the member requests. A “hierarchical membership maintenance” approach was designed to maintain the multicast membership. The scalability of the AMRST was further addressed. The AMRST not only kept the benefits of the traditional terrestrial multicast but also promoted the multicasting performance by employing the satellite broadcasting capability. The simulation results demonstrate that the AMRST performed excellently for the ST network.

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