FoldUnfold: web server for the prediction of disordered regions in protein chain. Summary: Identification of disordered regions in polypeptide chains is very important because such regions are essential for protein function. A new parameter, namely mean packing density of residues has been introduced to detect disordered regions in a protein sequence. We have demonstrated that regions with weak expected packing density would be responsible for the appearance of disordered regions. Our method (FoldUnfold) has been tested on datasets of globular proteins (559 proteins) and long disordered protein segments (129 proteins) and showed improved performance over some other widely used methods, such as DISOPRED, PONDR VL3H, IUPred and GlobPlot. Availability: The FoldUnfold server is available for users at mlobanov/ogu/ogu.cgi. There is a link to our server through the web site of DisProt (