CentPack: A package of high-resolution central schemes for non-linear conservation laws and related problems. CentPack is a collection of freely distributed C++ libraries that implement a number of high-order, non-oscillatory central schemes for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one- and two-space dimensions, ut + f(u)x + g(u)y= 0. Only information specific to the problem to be solved needs to be provided, namely, an external subroutine description of the flux functions f(u) and g(u), together with the appropriate initial and boundary conditions. In this distribution of CentPack we provide the core files that implement the family of fully-discrete one-dimensional schemes of Nessyahu and Tadmor (.pdf), the corresponding second-order two-dimensional extension of Jiang and Tadmor (.pdf), and several implementations of the semi-discrete formulation of Kurganov and Tadmor (.pdf) in one- and two-space dimensions. All the packages of this distribution -- pre-compiled binaries and source code alike, include a set of auxiliary sample files. These should allow the user to: (i) easily create a sample application to solve several hyperbolic models, and (ii) use them as a template to generate his/her own auxiliary files as needed for the application sought

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