MWW3 model for concrete - adjustment of failure and yield surfaces for use in computational fem system Mafem3D. Definitions of the failure surface, as well as evolution of yield surface are crucial elements in nonlinear FEM analysis of reinforced concrete members and structures carried out with use of elasto-plastic material model. Procedure of formation of these surfaces in MWW3 material model used in author’s computational system Mafem3D has been described. In MWW3 model, each meridian section of yield section is composed of straight-linear segment in the middle part and two caps: parabolic from the side of mean tensile stresses and circular from the side of compressive stresses. Formation of the linear segments of tensile and compressive meridians is a result of approximation of laboratory experiments performed in the complex stress states. Caps definition is based on the meridians course adjustment to the basic strength properties and assuring basic requirements of the surfaces shape such as: continuity, smoothness and convexity. Procedure used for equations definition, necessary for their adjustment with laboratory tests results and possibility of their implementation in numerical algorithm used in computational system has been described.

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