The DBlock family of block ciphers In this paper, we propose a new family of block ciphers named DBlock. It consists of three variants which are specified as DBlock-128, DBlock-192, and DBlock-256, respectively. DBlock-$n$ has the equal $n$-bit block length and key length. The structure of DBlock successfully combines the advantages of Feistel and Type-2 generalized Feistel structures together. Also, its design of round function employs different linear transforms operating on various word-sizes, which efficiently improve the diffusion effect. For key schedule of DBlock, it basically employs the same module used in encryption, except the choice of different byte permutations, which can improve its suitability for various implementation environments and also enhance its security against many cryptanalytic techniques. Our preliminary evaluation shows that DBlock can achieve enough security margin against known attacks, and it can also obtain excellent performances on various software and hardware platforms.

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