NTUplace3: an analytical placer for large-scale mixed-size design with preplaced blocks and density constraints. In addition to wirelength, modern placers need to consider various constraints such as preplaced blocks and density. We propose a high-quality analytical placement algorithm considering wirelength, preplaced blocks, and density based on the log-sum-exp wirelength model proposed by Naylor and the multilevel framework. To handle preplaced blocks, we use a two-stage smoothing technique, i.e., Gaussian smoothing followed by level smoothing, to facilitate block spreading during global placement (GP). The density is controlled by white-space reallocation using partitioning and cut-line shifting during GP and cell sliding during detailed placement. We further use the conjugate gradient method with dynamic step-size control to speed up the GP and macro shifting to find better macro positions. Experimental results show that our placer obtains very high-quality results.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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