Beamlab and reproducible research. In the first ‘Wavelets and Statistics’ conference proceedings, our group published ‘Wavelab and Reproducible Research’, in which we advocated using the internet for publication of software and data so that research results could be duplicated by others. Much has happened in the last decade that bears on the notion of reproducibility, and we will review our experience. We will also describe a new software package BEAMLAB containing routines for multiscale geometric analysis, and describe some of its capabilities. BEAMLAB makes available, in one package, all the code to reproduce all the figures in our recently published articles on beamlets, curvelets and ridgelets. The interested reader can inspect the source code to see what algorithms were used, and how parameters were set to produce the figures, and will then be able to modify the source codes to produce variations of our results. Some new examples of numerical studies based on BEAMLAB are provided here.