Cuttlefish: Geographic Visualization Tool. The goal of Cuttlefish is to create visualizations that provide a more intuitive representation of geographically distributed data with strong diurnal patterns. The tool displays data points overlapped on the image of a geographical map. It uses variations in height and color to show the amplitude of the data points and a sweeping terminator to highlight day/night changes. The image may also include a summary histogram and/or a color legend. Cuttlefish sums the values associated with overlapping geographic regions that must fit into the smallest data display unit of 2 pixels wide by 1 pixel high. Therefore, if several data points are so close geographically that they render in the same screen position, the sum of their values is displayed at this location. Because of this approach, Cuttlefish only works well for values that are cumulative e.g. number of hosts, byte counts, or packets. The tool is not appropriate for data that are normally represented as an average or median such as packet Round Trip Times (RTT).

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